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About the Artist

Ann (Annie) George's love of art has blossomed into practice since her retirement from teaching in the Communications Department at Northwestern Michigan College. A childhood on the shores of Lake Ontario and in the Adirondack woods imprinted a love of water and natural surroundings that is expressed in her images. Her graduate degree in adult language skills and learning strategies encouraged her to explore art’s way of explaining the world. Watercolor seemed like the obvious medium, although she now also paints in pastel and acrylic.

Annie comes from a long line of gardeners and keeps that tradition alive growing old roses, native plants and fresh vegetables – which also become subjects for painting. She and her wonderfully supportive writer husband live outside Lake Ann with their cat, but spend much of their time in or near rivers, fishing, listening to singing birds and waters, and trying to capture the essence of those experiences in their chosen mediums.

Annie has learned to paint through combination of classes, workshops and unguided trial and error. The more she paints, the more she learns!  Exuberant expression and celebration of the subject is her goal.

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